Sunday, January 24, 2016

Life moves on. Thank you, Fiberlink (IBM)

I wasn't challenged at my job as I had spent just over 5 years at my first job at EFI. Most of them who had joined with me had quit. I had groomed my skills at EFI - thanks to the 9-6 office timing. I would reach home by 7pm and practice. I used to practice at 99tests, participate in Twitter conversations, read books and blogs. One fine day, I got a call from 99tests Founder - Praveen Singh that MaaS360 wanted to give a project to 99tests for 6 months. Before that, they wanted to have a pilot for a month with 1 tester. I was the chosen one. I tested the product. I also got my first Android smartphone for that (which I still have in perfect working condition).

After 2-3 weeks of testing, the QA director at MaaS360 called me for a chat. I kept on refusing. But after persistent calls and emails (6 to 7 times), I finally went to the office for a chat. They liked the reports and I liked the complexity of the product. I was offered on the spot and in the name of chat, I was interviewed :) I resigned from EFI the next day and after serving the notice period, I joined MaaS360 (Fiberlink) on Jan 30, 2012.

My first blogpost after joining the company is here:

There are many things I got to learn - both professionally and personally. I would like to highlight some of them below:

After close to four years of working at Fiberlink and IBM (IBM acquired Fiberlink), I wanted to try my hand at freelancing. I wanted to get out of corporate culture, the performance appraisals, the fixed timings and working on the same projects. I did not have any problem continuing what I did for my last four years but the urge to engage more with the testing community is strong. 

I want to spend more time focusing on individual testers, sharing what I know, helping small teams achieve greatness. It is time to move on. Thanks Fiberlink, IBM for the learning and the happy memories. Till the next blog post, be fearless and follow your heart :)

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Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Year end conferences: STC 2015 and ThinkTest and a Wedding :)

After the Mobile App Europe conference held in Sep, I was invited to QAI STC at Bangalore and Think Test conference at Delhi.

QAI STC - The conference's theme was: Conscious Quality – Delivering Value Continuously, Constantly and Consistently
Last year, I had challenged the theme of the conference in my proposal. My proposal was not accepted. This year, I thought of supporting the conference theme :)

My title for the talk was: Software Tester's Role in Conscious Quality Delivery
I had started my professional speaking with STC way back in 2009 with talk on Weekend Testing. It was nice to go back to STC as a Keynote Speaker this time. I met many friends and made many more. I missed meeting Shrini as he was to talk the next day and I was flying to Delhi for the Think Test conference.

The talk went well and the audience seemed to like it. Many appreciated immediately after the talk.

Today, I got to know that I had won the "Community Choice Speaker of the Year" along with Shrini Kulkarni.

After STC conference, I and Abi flew to Delhi on 04th Dec. Thanks to Smita and Santhosh, we had the Mobile Testing Workshop at Times Internet office. It was a full day workshop and was an excellent opportunity to take Test Maniac to Delhi. After the workshop, we went to meet James Bach. He gave us an exercise and we solved it. It was a good thinking session and we chatted close to two hours. The next day, we were on time for ThinkTest. I presented on 50+ tips to improve tester-programmer relationship based on my book. Good sessions were on offer. I need more time to go through my audio recordings again and collect my takeaways. 

After the conference, we left for Panipat for Sanket's wedding - our first experience of a North Indian wedding.

Till next time, take care and be fearless while testing !!!

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